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Our Services

Project Design

We design projects that are centred around our creative pillars that will enhance the economic opportunity of creatives as well as accessibility to the cultural life of Iraq.

Project Implementation

Implementing projects through local partners has allowed us to develop locally relevant initiatives that ensure that they can be targeted and relevant to the needs of the community. 

Cultural Consultation

We are happy to conduct consultancy work to support the continued regeneration and the rehabilitation of cultural sites to ensure that they serve the community sustainably. 

Creative Networking

Through our network of entrepreneurs, stakeholders, and researchers, we are able to support networking that contributes towards Creative Iraq Consulting's goals.


Our research services are dedicated to the history and culture of Iraq, with a particular focus on ensuring that heritage and culture serves the present community and contributes to sustainable development and capacity building for youth.


We ensure that knowledge is disseminated amongst the community through our engagment programmes to ensure that information is not limited to academic and international actors.

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