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Our Mission

Art and creativity make all our lives just a little bit more beautiful, and in a land rich in stories such as Mesopotamia, there is so much potential. We believe in empowering the creative industries in Iraq in a sustainable manner that will contribute to economic development, social cohesion, and research. 

Our approach is to create key tools, research, and projects that will build a creative leadership in Iraq to facilitate its growth and development through local partnerships, knowledge and expertise.

We focus on 4 key strategic pillars that will strengthen and lift the creative sector in Iraq:


Economic Empowerment

A sustainable creative sector will provide economic opportunities for youth around the country and contribute to fostering a positive cultural life for the country.

Cultural Development

Boosting the cultural sector of the country will enhance a positive identity but also contribute to the development of key economic value chains that will establish heritage as an economic tool for growth.


Ensuring that information and resources are accessible will enhance the creativity of the sector and ensure that innovation continues to flow.

Community Building

We believe that a local leadership made up of creative innovators, entrepreneurs and stakeholders will drive the development of the Iraqi creative sector.
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