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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Our team brings together those that are passionate about Iraq's creative legacy, and are driven to support it through exciting programming, outreach, and research. With a diverse range of backgrounds, Creative Iraq brings a multi- disciplinary approach to the cultural sector to ensure that innovation is at the heart of what we do, and that we are always grounded in relevance.


Our Story

Creative Iraq Consulting Limited launched in 2023 based on the need for dedicated consultancy services for the culture and creative sectors in Iraq. The Creative Iraq team has years of experience relating to the design, implementation, and evaluation of projects within this sphere, alongside a wealth of research experience that allows for targeted and fosued project designs. Based between Birmingham, UK and Baghdad, Iraq, Creative Iraq build bridges between communities, cultures, and connections to foster innovative environments for youth across Iraq. 

Aside from the core consultancy services, Creative Iraq contributes to the development of those creative businesses through its Social Responsibility Programme in which it acts as a sales point for Iraqi creatives to sell their products across the world. Not only does this provide economic benefit to the creatives, but also supports the rebalancing of perspectives when it comes to Iraq.

Meet The Team

Our Community Partners

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