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Creative Iraq: The Shop

Creative Iraq believes that international partners have the power to influence the way that Iraq is viewed internationally, boosting a sense of pride in communities by challenging stereotypes.


As part of our corporate responsibility stategy, Creative Iraq works with creative enterprises to sell their products to global markets, enhancing the economic opportunity for those creatives and showcasing Iraqi creativity. All profits go directly back to the artist without taking any commission giving people the chance to directly invest in the creative sector. Find out more at


Between The Lines

Our core creative writing activity invites emerging writers to explore their skills and take a deeper dive into creative writing as an expression of freedom, thought, and fun. Through group sessions, young Iraqi writers explore specific writers and discuss the deeper messages within their text, whilst also examine perspectives that are often ignored or under-represented in Iraqi literature.


Short writing exercises, and presentations enable those participants to explore their work, style, and messages within a safe and inclusive environment. Through our wider network, we aim to connect writers with future opportunities for them to raise their voice louder, strengthening emerging Iraqi narratives that challenge people to what they know.


Community Outreach

Iraq is full of creative stories that just don't get enough attention. Our team love meeting up and coming artists, game designers, film-makers and much more! Through these spotlights we aim to highlight what challenges exist, how youth are navigating them, and build bridges and opportunities for them.

You can head over to our blog to find out some of their awesome stories that will challenge what you know about Iraq.

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Azzima Faniya

Azzima Faniya is an interactive exploration between creativity and its relationship to struggles that promotes intergenerational engagement and social cohesion. Through focusing on leading Iraqi artists, participants explore creative journeys and how challenges around them have influenced their work. 

The activities promote discussion and shared experiences before creative workshops that relate to the artist being discussed. These sessions aim to promote knowledge sharing, empathy, and creativity in a purely Iraqi context. Accessible to all, there are no requirements to have an artistic background.


Baghdad Design Toolkit

The Baghdad Design Toolkit, in collaboration with Studio Neshaat, aims to bring a spotlight to the Abbassid legacy in Baghdad, whilst bringing information in an accessible and engaging manner for young Iraqi creatives.

The project trained interns to explore the remaining Abbasid buildings in Baghdad whilst taking photos to be sent to graphic designers to recreate images and motifs that can be used by creatives alongside storytelling to enhance the customer experienc

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