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Our hub allows you to directly contribute to the artistic development of Iraq's creative sector. By sponsoring one of our creative community members, you are directly investing in their work with all proceeds going to the creatives. Check out the descriptions to find out more about their project, incentives, and their inspiration.

Welcome to the Hub


Neshaat is currently looking at scaling up his work as his client numbers grow. With increased sales, and more interest to contribute to exhibitions, his work requires some new space so that he can work on mosaics. With an estimated £4500 needed over the year, you can support Neshaat to open a dedicated space in turn building new opportunities for him to tell stories of Iraqi heritage through his work.

For all donations £300 and above, Neshaat will create an original 51cm x 41cm piece and Creative Iraq will ship directly to your door. Read about his journey on our blog and Check out some of his work here


Bayboon is a female collective of graphic designers working in Mosul to bring their history, culture, and diversity to life.  Creative Iraq is currently fundraising for them to procure new equipment that will allow them to create new product lines for their sales points in Iraq and through Creative Iraq.

Donations of £100 and above will also receive two gift packages over the year featuring a collection of Bayboon's work. Read more about Bayboon and their work on the blog or check out their channel on our store.


Dar Al Saffar is on a mission to keep Iraqi heritage alive through children. Creating engaging magazines, games, and books, Dar Al Saffar wants to ensure that culture curious kids can actively engage with their history and stories. They are currently working on acquiring new equipment that can be used in Iraq to make their products 100% made in Iraq. 

For donation's of £100 and above, you will receive a copy of their 'The Game of Ur,' the only version produced in its country of origin. You can find more of their products on our store here or read our interview with founder Fawaz on our blog.


Creative Iraq has teamed up with The Station Foundation for Entrepreneurship and Ishtar Film Production to launch new opportunities for film makers in Mosul. By combining forces, we aim to build new programmes in a brand new dedicated space for film makers, whilst working alongside international mentors, and being connected to the film sector. For more information regarding incentives please contact or check out the project here.

1001 Nights Reimagined

The Tales of 1001 Nights is globally reknown and characters have been used from video games, books, movies, merchandise - the list is endless. This international production of the famous collection of stories is nothing new - but we think its about time that Iraq creatives had their creativity shown! We are looking to raise £1960 in prize money to ensure that creatives are rewarded for their hard work. The best pieces will then be available to purchase on our store.

For all donations of £50 and above,  you will receive an original Victorian (late 19th Century) print of images from the Illustrated 1001 Nights as well as modern print from the Iraqi creatives following he completion of the project. You can check out a collection on our store here

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